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Become an impact tourist looking for new travel experience opportunities. Be an active co-creator of your journey by engaging in the local community and creating a positive footprint on society.

Impact tourism offers: 

A unique experience. An innovative tourism product provides tourists with authentic and personalized experiences. A diligently created combination of exceptional locations and activities ensures that each tourist has a unique, educational experience that awakens their sensibility for identifying social challenges and solutions thereto.

Co-creation of tourists’ social footprint. Each tourist is provided with the opportunity to co-create the product and their active participation directly contributes to overcoming certain challenges. Creating their social footprint is ideally manifested through the use of their existing knowledge, experience and/or active involvement in the product activities.

Responsible and sustainable performance. Sustainable and responsible and socially/environmentally/nature friendly performance.
Personal positive impacts may vary and include donations, volunteer work, tips, purchases of impact products, and everything else that improves the place after a tourist leaves it. Impact tourism serves to move the boundaries of sustainable tourism from the mentality "let's leave nature as we found it" to "let’s do something beneficial and improve the local community." Through Impact Tours, we facilitate active participation of tourists, an authentic experience, and at the same time include vulnerable groups into the business model and provide for positive environmental effects and additional income in the local region.

Products are divided according to the product typology (experience, accommodation, transport, food / beverages, event, tour package, etc.) and can be found as such through the search engine. They can also be searched according to the location where they are available. Impact products are designed and developed on the basis of 10 +1 indicators. Economic, social and environmental impact indicators are controlled and verified by the impact team. Thus, a potential tourist on our portal displays various products with lighted or illuminated indicators that meet impact tourism conditions. Products with multiple illuminated indicators have many positive effects on the local environment.