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The reason for the development of impact tourism was found in our own experience of organizing events with the participation of guests from Slovenia and abroad, which was the turning point in our development. For the first time, we were doubting the impact that tourism has.

On one hand, we organised a conference which was successful according to all indicators from the field of tourism, whereas on the other, this was an international event that impressed us with its unmeasurable social benefits.

A thought of Albert Einstein inspired us: "If something can't be measured does it mean it doesn't exist".

With the co-financing from the EU funds, we systematically started to draft the methodology for the development of impact tourism in cooperation with Brez dobička group, which is based in Slovenia. We managed to motivate our first partner, Liberty International Group, for cooperation and after the pilot, we presented a more comprehensive concept of impact tourism in 2020.

The positive and professional attitude of participants and professionals in the field of tourism also encouraged us to develop the web portal www.impact-tourism.net. Together with our partners, we develop, present and market individual products on the web portal, in line with the fair trade principles. At the same time, the portal serves as "home" for the WITH - World Impact Tourism Habitat network.

We are therefore developing and providing technologies with an accessible system of incentives for a tourist’s portfolio of socially beneficial experiences.

We do this in the context of the challenge we have taken up - the Brez Dobička group wishes to be the world’s leading partner in the development of impact tourism. And we enjoy the process of making it so.