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IT - "Impact Tourism"

ITP - "Impact Tourism Products"

ITo - abbreviation for "Impact Tourist" - ITo is a tourist who co-creates impact tourism.

Vulnerable groups - The concept of impact tourism also considers vulnerable groups, i.e. individuals who face a greater degree of risk of social exclusion and inequality. These include: low-income people whose survival depends on social security payments, unemployed, disabled or homeless people, members of Roma population, migrants and asylum seekers, children and adolescents with social problems, victims of violence, people with mental health problems, addicts and other vulnerable individuals (e.g. in some cases older single persons, single-parent families, etc.)

Giving Tuesday - Giving Tuesday is a worldwide charity campaign, through which we would devote one part of income generated through impact tourism to the employment of vulnerable groups. More at www.givingtuesday.com

WITH - World Impact Tourism Habitat