1. I will take a slower pace on my journey so that I can choose quality over quantity. (QUALITY AND SAFETY)
  2. I will be a guardian of natural resources and I will be a sustainable traveller. (SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY)
  3. Understanding and respecting of local communities is my objective. (LOCAL IMPACT)
  4. I will be an everlasting change maker with the empathy for society challenges. (SOCIETY CHALLENGE)
  5. I will be inspired and I will be an inspiration. (UNIQUE EXPERIENCE)
  6. I will be an active co-creator of my journey to maximise my impact imprint. (IMPACT TOURIST)
  7. I will give and share a voice for the vulnerable. (INCLUSION AND ACCESSIBILITY)
  8. I will join the cause and give back to the local community. (SOCIAL ECONOMY AND FAIR TRADE)
  9. I will try to understand impacts I can have as a tourist to maximise positive impact more effectivly. (IMPACT MANAGEMENT)
  10. I will have open eyes on how impact tourism standards are implemented in practice. (VERIFICATION)
  11. I'll try to contribute to impact tourism in any other way I feel good about. (BEYOND THE HORIZON)