Minibus of Joy

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Impact score: 7.50

"Visit, help and experience street youth education"

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Experience Ljubljana in a different light. Come to visit one of the biggest living areas of Slovenia in which the past was considered EX-YU ghetto and actively participate in the youth street program between the blocks. Skala is a non-profit organization based on youth street education. It started its project in 1995 when it was launched by the initiative of volunteers to approach young people through street contact at various locations in Ljubljana. Nowadays Skala still runs its own street program for children and youths with less opportunity in the most populated area of the country through the Minibus of Joy. It is a specially designed van, which has everything necessary for the smooth operation or implementation of the street program. It runs its program with the help of employees and volunteers every week and at any wheatear conditions (rain, snow, wind ...). Your visit will benefit the program and the organization in various ways. You can participate in the program itself and watch the rhythm of the street like: cooperation on sport and creative workshops, prepare and drink with parents Balkan coffee on the street. etc. Maybe you can organize and lead certain workshop with the help of employees (language lessons, games, creative workshops, etc.), or you can just donate money for the project. The choice is yours :).


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